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Condo House For Sale

A Custom Design Condo House for Sale


Most condominiums available in Washington D.C. tend to be cookie cutter assemblies. They typically involve two or three models, and that’s it for a choice. The owner then has to use his or her imagination to figure out how to make the residence something more than it is. And given the limitations, there’s only so much one can do with a generic model. At 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle, the accommodations are custom-built by District Quarters, evoking a unique spirit with every detail and corner of the residence. From the materials used in construction to the finishing touches in the paint and plaster, each piece contributes to the whole for a remarkable presentation in a condo for sale. It’s a masterful mix of the past as well as the modern future in one place you will call home. When are you going to set the date for moving in and calling 1721 Twentieth home?

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