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Condominium Complexes

Premium Condominium Complexes Come with the Works in Washington D.C.


Talk in terms of condominiums and people begin to worry that they are just upgraded apartments with additional fees and requirements. That can’t be farther from the truth. A condominium complex properly designed for working professionals comes with far more amenities than even the best apartment complexes, and the condominium can actually be sold as its own property rights. The best one can do with an apartment building is to knock out the walls on a few units and treat them as a flat for lease or sale. And when you’re trying to find a proper living residence in Washington D.C., a flat is not going to cut it. With the fine work constructed and finished at 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle, there is no disappointment for those looking for a proper condominium unit to call home. Everything from the architecture to the internal accommodations are top-notch for the discerning resident. You’ll be proud to let your peers and network know where you live once moved in.

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