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Condominium For Sale

Get A Shoe Into the Best Condominium for Sale in Washington D.C.


When it comes to history, 1721 Twentieth is probably one of the most storied locations in Washington D.C. First built in 1879, the structure was originally just two side-by-side rowhouses common in that era for what seemed as commercial offices at the time. Today, the same location retains its historical appearance and look, but utilizes some of the most modern materials and reinforcement for solid build. When you walk inside and see the amenities that come with the residence, it will amaze you how the entire residence has been restored and finished. The various aspects harken both back in time as well as forward with some of the best construction for residence living available. There’s no question, 1721 Twentieth-Dupont is a place to be proud of, both as a professional home for work in Washington D.C. as well as a living location for a townhome style retirement in the city proximity.

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