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Condominium House

Consider a Condominium House Instead of a Far Away Suburb Residence


What’s the number one complaint from folks who work in Washington D.C.? If you guessed the traffic and commute, you’re practically drilling a hole in one. The nation’s Capitol has become so congested, even Congress has echoed the same complaint more than once as their transports get stuck in the same vehicle mess as everyone else. Alternatively, one could choose a quality condominium house in Washington D.C. itself, and avoid the travel grid mess altogether. 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle is situated in a perfect spot, within proximity to major city centers, and a great place to call home. Instead of spending hours on a train or stuck on an overpass, you’re enjoying a quick trip home and kicking up your feet to relax for the evening. And on the weekend a quick walk has you located in D.C.’s famous parks and jogging paths for air, exercise and replenishment. This is the life balance you’ve been looking for. Why continue to waste up to four hours of your life every day stuck in commute?

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