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Homes For Sale

Unique Town-Style Homes for Sale in Washington D.C.


At 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle, a prospective buyer is going to find a residence where every detail is deliberate and high quality in construction. With a focus on modern minimalism and functionality, buyers will find that they are drawn to the simple but powerful lines of the homes at the Twentieth, from the notably exceptional work as well as the outstanding materials and interior settings. Situated in the old part of Washington D.C. with a long history of its own and plenty of deep stories in each building, Dupont Circle dates back to an original municipal design from 1791. Today, the neighborhood is filled with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and a local weekly farmers market to boot. Inside the Twentieth new condo owners will move into custom kitchen designs with simple but powerful colors and stainless steel appliances. The flooring and wall work in the master bathrooms will challenge anyone to leave them for anywhere else on a weekend. And the view from the Twentieth magnifies the locality of the home for anyone who loves the urban townhome style.

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