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Get Beyond the House Listings, Seek Your True Home


If you’re looking for the ideal Washington D.C. townhome, you’re not going to find it in the usual real estate listings. In fact, you may not see these residences in any listings at all. That’s because the opportunities available at 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle are hidden gems for the luxury condo owner that don’t transact in the normal channels. These are homes for professionals and city urban dwellers who want a unique but high quality residence even Congress could meet at and be jealous of for more networking events in the future. With a primary style of modern minimalism on the inside, and heritage style on the outside, the Twentieth provides an amazing blend of the past and the future in one home for the discerning urban condo owner. And with close proximity to open space, restaurants, cafes, a farmers market and much more, there’s very little one needs that isn’t within a short walking distance from home. Again, this isn’t going to appear on a standard listing. But you know the address, so visit and take a look for yourself.

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