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Luxury Condominium

A Great Choice for a Luxury Condominium in Washington D.C.


For the working professional, a residence is as much part of the job in Washington D.C. as is the office. Evening dinners, weekend parties, and afternoon offsite meetings are critical for networking and getting issues settled with informal settings. But a residence won’t work well if it doesn’t evoke the same professionalism as one’s talents at work. And a person can’t network well if he or she doesn’t have a place to have an event hosted. Condominiums at 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle solve this problem all in one package. With a remarkable architecture and attention to detail, the location evokes history with its restoration and the internal accommodations are so remarkable your guests will be jealous and not want to leave at the end of the evening. There’s a lot that can happen in the board room and hearings, but the real networking, relationships and deals happen behind the scenes when people can relax and really talk privately. Your home should be able to promote this kind of professionalism for your career in D.C.

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