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Townhomes For Sale

Townhomes for Sale Can be Found in Washington D.C.


Many have complained about how hard it is to good real estate and homes in Washington D.C. The very nature of the town with all its government activity drives the real estate market to the moon, gobbling up most available inventory in the traditional locations most people look. As a result, folks arriving and trying to pick good place have their luck cut out for them, or so it seems. That’s because most folks go to the very same places everyone else does and look at the same apartments or complexes. With a bit of willingness to do something different, however, there are some real gems available. 1721 Twentieth-Dupont Circle is a perfect choice for the professional who is looking for a well-designed townhome in good proximity to every major location in town as well as within short walking distance to open space and parks. Life balance is very possible, and this is the location to live it. Call us to find out more information for your move.

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